MIAMI is feeling the HEAT!

A Heat wave hit Miami last night…& as the clock during the final game of the NBA finals hit 0:00 & Lebron James thought, “it’s about damn time.”–Miami got out their pots & pans. Yes, only in Miami, do we use pots & pans as noise makers in celebration–a curious historical evolution as pots & pans were once used during rebellions, riots, & well, cooking…

AND, while the rest of Miami was focused on gathering their pots & pans in preparation for the game, I took the time to change into my favorite Miami Heat shirt or tank…purple heart clothing ‘s Wade tank top featuring non other than Marilyn Monroe in a #3 Dwayne Wade jersey!

If you’d like to get one of your own or to check out the other colors & styles, click here.

& celebrate in style.