Heart your Body, Heart your Country! A July 4th Retrospective.

Now that the fireworks, barbeques, and boozin are over–its time to look back on Independence Day–the actual day, not the movie–though if you were “fortunate” enough to catch a replay for the 5000 time in your life–we’re in the same boat! Though through this latest viewing, I did realize one thing new about aliens: even they are respectful enough to acknowledge, American holidays…& i’m still left asking the question why Bill Pullman never ran for president…

When I wasn’t watching Independence Day, I spent my day in the kitchen making boozy (non)milkshakes and vegan/gluten free flag cake or blowing sh*t up!


So, while I scarf down the rest of the flag cake for lunch, I figured I’d  follow the old kindergarten adage of sharing is caring & share the recipe for the Boozy (non)Milkshake:

  • 3/4 a cup Vanilla unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1 pint So-Delicious Cherry Amaretto Coconut Milk Ice Cream
  • 4 tablespoons (1 shot & a quarter) of Patron XO

Blend, baby, Blend!


Matthew McConaughey FINALLY gets paid to do what he loves in Magic Mike…


Yesterday, June 29, was for all purposes proclaimed Magic Mike Day. And while, the movie was a HUGE step forward in a woman’s right to objectify men, it was also a BIG day for Matthew McConaughey. He finally garnered a paycheck for doing what he’s loved to do all these years. Not acting, BUT taking off his shirt. And while going to see Magic Mike is comparable to being in a room filled with cupcakes & told you can’t eat one–also like cupcakes, it is best devoured alone & in shame–I thought we should celebrate Matty’s accomplishment & take a look at some of the times he has taken his shirt off for free…


So, congratulations Matthew. Maybe now you can afford to buy a shirt–or not, whatever…


Not that way, naughty you!

Summer HAIR streaks are all the rage this season. Celebs like Brooklyn Decker, January Jones, and Nicole Richie are dying portions of their hair different hues of pink, lavender, & blue. After keeping an envious eye on this trend–how come all the blondes get to have fun with pink classy streaks while brunettes dare I say risk looking trashy?, I decided to try it out! Using colored extensions in favor of actual hair dye, I used a blue hue (confession: i’ve been holding onto these extensions for 3+ years waiting for this trend to actualize) Here are the four hair styles I wore with the extensions–there are PLENTY of options out there. So go streaking, & have fun!



Neither Thelma nor Louise: The perfect road trip outfit!

My typical travel outfit includes leggings, a wifebeater and my old college hoodie. And, if I am feeling particularly fancy, I may even wear my embellished ugg boots. BUT, for some unknown reason, I decided to really shake it up this road trip & was pleasantly surprised. So here’s my share: a go to roadtrippin outfit that will have everyone around you quoting Drake by saying, “you fancy, huh?”

All you need is:
1-cute sundress
1-fashionable you…



That dirty little secret that no one is talking about…

via Girls, HBO

Unless you are or always have been a fitness junkie or are one of those genetically blessed women (bitches!)–by now, you should know what I’m talking about…chaffing. No one likes talking about. And, it is as uncomfortable in conversation as it is to experience in real life. That is why, I was surprised to hear it mentioned last week on HBO’s new series, Girls. Now, whatever your feelings are towards the show, there’s no denying that they bring up a lot of issues that most of us keep hush-hush about. The chaffing issue is one of them. But ladies, there’s no need to endure the summer months in jeans. Bring those sun dresses, shorts, and skirts out: you can achieve your greatest, highest, thigh dreams & avoid the chaff with these moves via Livestrong. No more suffering in silence!

The Exercises You Can Do To Strengthen Your Inner Thigh Muscles.