A 1500 Squid Diet.

Ariel’s nemesis has used some of that Sea Witch magic to transform herself. The formerly full-figured biatch of the sea is now a svelte & sultry villain–if you are into that whole Cruella de Vil look. Seriously, she looks bears an uncanny resemblance to the pooch poaching monster…(see for yourself below)

As part of Disney’s new Villains Designer Collection, Ursula has got her slim fast on shedding nearly 2/3s of her body weight. According to Disney, each villain is “designed and carefully crafted to capture the essence of evil at its best dressed.” Whether it was necessary to put the sea witch on a diet is something up for debate (we liked the full figured Ursula better–you just dont mess with the classics!), but Ursula isn’t the first cartoon character to get a slim-down in recent years. Strawberry Shortcake shed the “extra” pounds, grew out her hair & grew up last year & even My Little Pony cut back on the hay for a slimmer look….yes, the pony REALLY was forced to slim down…

But, whatever your argument or position on the “thinning” of cartoon characters, the collection merits a look. The Disney Villains Designer Collection will be available this fall & each villain with be available for purchase at $79.50.