A Dapper Don…McDonalds, that is.

Would you like some old fashion with that order?

My wildest dreams already came true when Burger King announced its endeavor to serve liquor out of select stores–though a failed attempt…it brought Miami one step closer to the drive-thru daiquiri establishments found throughout Louisiana. & while I’d prefer that Mickey D’s  be serving up some Old Fashions a la Mad Men, the fast food chain has decided, in turn, to offer up some old “new” fashion.

McDonalds–UK (those fashion forward Brits), have decided it is time for an outfit change. & who better to look to then one of America’s (fictional) leading men for inspiration: Don Draper.

Yes, Don is a misogynistic, alcohol-dependent, bad boy–maybe that is why I love him so much. But, that has no bearing on his style. AND, there’s no denying that, that man can wear a suit!

The new McDonalds uniforms pay tribute to Mad Men & the 1960’s mod movement, according to designer, Wayne Hemingway of Red or Dead. His collection replaces the bulky cuts of former uniforms with skinny ties and Fred Perry-esque piped button downs for men. While the women’s uniform features Peter Pan collars & pencil skirts!

And, if these uniforms prove one thing, its that: fashion really does come full circle: the uniforms are completely recyclable! Eventually, each discarded uniform will be made into a new set of dapper duds.

Now, if only Ronald McDonald & the Hamburgler could get a style revolution…We’d love to see them in some Roger Sterling or Pete Campbell duds.


Source: Fashionista