Some not-so vintage, Vintage. Happy Anniversary, GUESS!

Guess is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary by providing all of us with the greatest gift of all–the 3 zip marilyn jean & the rest of the company’s classics! For a limited time, the masterminds at Guess have re-released some of the looks that made them famous & with all this retro inspired goodness, we can all look three decades worth of gorgeous! Here are my favorite picks from the collection:


The 3-Zip Marilyn Jean


The Marilyn Top


Eva Vintage Floral Jean


30th anniversary Cat Eye sunglasses-DANA


To check out the rest of the Heritage Collection, visit here.



Not that way, naughty you!

Summer HAIR streaks are all the rage this season. Celebs like Brooklyn Decker, January Jones, and Nicole Richie are dying portions of their hair different hues of pink, lavender, & blue. After keeping an envious eye on this trend–how come all the blondes get to have fun with pink classy streaks while brunettes dare I say risk looking trashy?, I decided to try it out! Using colored extensions in favor of actual hair dye, I used a blue hue (confession: i’ve been holding onto these extensions for 3+ years waiting for this trend to actualize) Here are the four hair styles I wore with the extensions–there are PLENTY of options out there. So go streaking, & have fun!



A Dapper Don…McDonalds, that is.

Would you like some old fashion with that order?

My wildest dreams already came true when Burger King announced its endeavor to serve liquor out of select stores–though a failed attempt…it brought Miami one step closer to the drive-thru daiquiri establishments found throughout Louisiana. & while I’d prefer that Mickey D’s  be serving up some Old Fashions a la Mad Men, the fast food chain has decided, in turn, to offer up some old “new” fashion.

McDonalds–UK (those fashion forward Brits), have decided it is time for an outfit change. & who better to look to then one of America’s (fictional) leading men for inspiration: Don Draper.

Yes, Don is a misogynistic, alcohol-dependent, bad boy–maybe that is why I love him so much. But, that has no bearing on his style. AND, there’s no denying that, that man can wear a suit!

The new McDonalds uniforms pay tribute to Mad Men & the 1960’s mod movement, according to designer, Wayne Hemingway of Red or Dead. His collection replaces the bulky cuts of former uniforms with skinny ties and Fred Perry-esque piped button downs for men. While the women’s uniform features Peter Pan collars & pencil skirts!

And, if these uniforms prove one thing, its that: fashion really does come full circle: the uniforms are completely recyclable! Eventually, each discarded uniform will be made into a new set of dapper duds.

Now, if only Ronald McDonald & the Hamburgler could get a style revolution…We’d love to see them in some Roger Sterling or Pete Campbell duds.


Source: Fashionista



MIAMI is feeling the HEAT!

A Heat wave hit Miami last night…& as the clock during the final game of the NBA finals hit 0:00 & Lebron James thought, “it’s about damn time.”–Miami got out their pots & pans. Yes, only in Miami, do we use pots & pans as noise makers in celebration–a curious historical evolution as pots & pans were once used during rebellions, riots, & well, cooking…

AND, while the rest of Miami was focused on gathering their pots & pans in preparation for the game, I took the time to change into my favorite Miami Heat shirt or tank…purple heart clothing ‘s Wade tank top featuring non other than Marilyn Monroe in a #3 Dwayne Wade jersey!

If you’d like to get one of your own or to check out the other colors & styles, click here.

& celebrate in style.


Neither Thelma nor Louise: The perfect road trip outfit!

My typical travel outfit includes leggings, a wifebeater and my old college hoodie. And, if I am feeling particularly fancy, I may even wear my embellished ugg boots. BUT, for some unknown reason, I decided to really shake it up this road trip & was pleasantly surprised. So here’s my share: a go to roadtrippin outfit that will have everyone around you quoting Drake by saying, “you fancy, huh?”

All you need is:
1-cute sundress
1-fashionable you…



It’s all in your GENES or Jeans?


We’ve all tried to fit into our mother’s vintage jeans, but could the reason behind our style obsession, be her actual, genes? That is what fashion professionals are arguing: the existence of a particular gene, a style gene, otherwise known as our “cool factor”. And, when does this factor begin to show? No, its not linked to your first training bra. It’s actually more likely to be linked to your big girl pants–as the gene is thought to present itself as early as toddler-hood. So, instead of laughing at the kids who show up to school in their bedazzled Superman cape or Michael Jackson-inspired fedora, maybe you should be looking at their parents for style direction or at least, taking notes from these early fashionistas.

For more information:

Have you ever been called a “Walking Hangover”? Well, now you can REALLY live up to that title with some Fermented Fashion.

“Red or White?” is the question most associated with wine pickings or pairings not “stilettos or boots”?” But, now thanks to researchers at The University of Western Australia, you may be pairing your favorite Louboutins with your vino. In what can certainly can be classified as non-boring eco-wear, this dress made up of fermented red wine is sure to have you in high spirits. Even better than the stench of wine that accompanies this dress is the fact that this piece of formal wear is available in either red (red wine) or white/translucent (white wine/beer)–because, you know, a girl has gotta have options!

Are you a bibliophile? Take a whiff of this.


Photo via LBA Photography


Do you crave the sophistication that comes with owning a  library filled with many large, important books? Does the thought of reading off of a kindle or Ipad make you shiver? Is it your desire to smell like you spend your days among leather bound books? Well, bibliophiles, rejoice! Because now, you CAN!

Perfumer Geza Schoen  & book publisher, Gerhard Steidl have made your wildest fantasy come true (& you thought that was just the stuff that happens in books)! “Paper Passion”, a fragrance created for Wallpaper* magazine boasts the ability to “relax you, like when you read a book, to a level of meditation and concentration.” And, with packaging by Karl Lagerfield (eccentrics, unite!), “Paper Passion” can be all yours for $115 a bottle.

The only question left is: Are you ready to wear your favorite novel on your sleeve?

Champagne & Sprinkles.

The receipt that started it all…

New Years Day: I was on a mission.

I feel the need to clarify here, that it was a non-hangover related mission. That’s right, I WAS on a non-alcohol (sort of) related mission the morning after New Years Eve–IT IS POSSIBLE. My mission: I was going to make Sparkling Champagne Cupcakes. What made my mission possible, impossible was that I was missing the bubbly & the sprinkles. Both, keystone ingredients in what would be the “sparkle” & the “champagne” components of the cupcake recipe. So, I threw on some yoga pants, a wifebeater, & both a hat & dark sunglasses to deflect all attention: me & my hangover (yes, I had one) were going INCOGNITO. 5 stores later: I FINALLY found a store that had both the champagne & the sprinkles that I needed. In retrospect, I should have gone to a supermarket right off the bat, but alcohol impairs judgment–even more so, after the fact.

Later, while enjoying the cupcakes & retelling the story of my ridiculous adventure. My friend, whose male (I feel like a woman may have been more understanding), asked me: “What type of person does that?” THAT got me thinking. My train of thought eventually ended at the famous question immortalized by one of my favorite Mad Men episodes: Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn? Would you have seen Jackie or Marilyn combing the aisles for champagne & sprinkles New Years Day? My conclusion: Marilyn would have done it & done it in STYLE.

At that moment, my fate was sealed. When asked if I was more of a Marilyn or a Jackie personality, the answer forever more would  be a MARILYN.

To be a Marilyn requires a certain balance of ridiculousness & class. You have to own your eccentricities/absurdities &  present them with dignity and humor. Being outrageous isn’t a bad thing, rather, it’s a quality that people find endearing & lovable about you. You are confident, brave, impulsive, willing to take chances, & adventurous to a fault. And, you are known for your strength of heart & willingness to fall in love–over & over again, sometimes just because of the experience, other times because its truly love. And, when you do fall in love, you are addicted.

This blog is dedicated to my addictions as a Marilyn: I’m a food, fitness, photography, adventure, sports, love, cooking, humanity, travel, fashion, soul JUNKIE (just to name a few). I’m also a gluten-free, dairy-free, non-red meat eatin’, non-vegan (whatever that means) trying to navigate how to be fashionably social & eco. If that’s got you interested, let’s celebrate our addictions–together!